How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Lawn or Garden

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Indianapolis Snake Removal 317-257-2290

Wild animal encounters can be frightening, especially when it involves snakes. Snakes are considered a threat because we know they can lunge, snap, and bite us if we come too close. Also, some snakes are poisonous, while others are not; a gamble no one likes to take. These are reasons why it is important to remove snakes from your property, especially if you have pets or children. If you are experiencing frequent snake spotting, then take some advice on how to get rid of them quick, without harming them, yourself, or your wallet!

Snake Repellants

One way to get rid of snakes is to thwart their interest in your property altogether. On the market today, there are products and repellants you can purchase to reduce visiting snakes on your lawn. These products are often found in powders, sprays, and oils. They contain smells and scents that snakes simply do not like. For example, these repellants contains ingredients such as cedar oil, sulfur, clove oil, and even cinnamon! Repellants are known to work really well and can be easily purchased online, or at your local home or gardening store.

Snake Traps

Snake traps are a bit more tedious, but still very effective. They are perfect for catching snakes during the daytime and the night. They can be set near gardens and other areas of high interest for snakes. The traps are like cages; they allow snakes to enter, but do not allow them to exit. This is a safe and humane way to trap and get rid of snakes. Once you have some snakes trapped, simply take them into the country, woods, forest, or other faraway places that are safe and suitable environments for snakes, and release them.

Animal Control

If you are terrified of snakes, as many people are, or you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with the situation, call a local snake removal company. An expert wildlife control technician retains the proper equipment and industry knowledge to remove snakes safely and humanely. They are trained specialists that can facilitate these jobs pretty quick. Look below for information about a local Indianapolis wildlife removal company that can give you advice or service for effective snake removal.

Call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 for a free estimate or advice on getting rid of snakes today! We are highly trained and licensed animal control experts that have decades of experience removing a wide variety of wild animals, including snakes. Visit our website at for information about our services and more. We can give you information or advice on anything from what to do during a wild animal encounter to grub removal service. Our services are endless, so call us for details about snake removal in Indianapolis, IN right away.

Removing Skunk Smell on Your Dog

Removing Skunk Smell in Indiana

Skunk Removal Indianapolis

Skunks are sniffed out more often than they are spotted in our communities. When we are driving down the highway, or sitting on our back porch, we may smell that distinct earthy odor released by local skunks. Once we smell it, we know exactly what it is right away. The sour putrid smell of skunk is one of the most recognizable odors in the outdoors. One common curios skunk victim is your pet dog. Dogs are commonly sprayed by skunks because their curiosity provokes the skunk and they get sprayed wherever they are sniffing. This means dogs are mostly sprayed in the face. If you detect skunk odor on your dog, follow these simple steps to aid the dog, remove the smell, and prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Check Your Dog’s Face

As mentioned before, dogs are usually hit right in the face because this is the area of the skunk they were sniffing out to begin with. Because of this common occurrence, as soon as you smell skunk on your dog, check his face immediately. The chemicals in the skunk spray can irritate a dog’s nose, ears, throat, mouth, and eyes. Check out all these areas, and rinse them with water if they were indeed sprayed. Once they are rinsed, if the eyes are still red, or if the dog still acts agitated, see your vet right away.

No Water

Most people want to start rinsing the fur right away to rid the smell. DO NOT pour water on the dog’s coat. Water will soften and open the pores on its skin allowing the skunk smell to seep in and burn. This can cause future skin irritations and more.

Cleaning Solutions

To clean the dog and get rid of the skunk odor, mix together a solution made up of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. For smaller dogs, use three quarters of a bottle of peroxide mixed with 3-5 tablespoons of baking soda. For medium dogs use twice the amount, and for larger dogs, triple it. Once the solution is mixed, gently scrub the solution all over your dog. Rinse before the solutions sits for more than five minutes on your dog. Repeat this step as many times as you need to remove the smell. It is recommended to do this step outside to prevent stinking up your home. Also, wear dish washing gloves to protect your hands. If the stink is persistent, you may need to contact your vet for prescription shampoos and ointments to discard the odor.

Preventing Skunk Spraying Accidents

If you have had multiple skunk spray situations, or smell a skunk more than a few times a month, you will need professional skunk removal services. Skunk control in Indiana is safe and humane. Trappers safely capture and release these critters and relocate them to a safer and more remote area where they will not be bothered.

For more information on skunk removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana, call 317-257-2290 today. We are a licensed and insured wildlife removal company in Indianapolis that have been in the business for over ten years. Trust us to handle your skunk problems this season!