How to Get Rid of Pesky Yard Moles

Animal Mole Removal Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-2290

Animal Mole Removal Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-2290

Unfortunately, moles have the potential and reputation to be very destructive little critters; causing a substantial amount of yard and garden damage on residential and commercial properties. They are very active and can work all day if they so choose. In just one night, a mole can dig up to three hundred feet underground! That is a lot of damage for just one mole. They can also double, triple, and quadruple their colony size in just a few weeks.

This is why it is important to get rid of moles as soon as you are aware of an infestation problem. Continue reading to learn about how to safely and humanely get rid of moles in residential or commercial lawns and gardens.

Humane Mole Removal

Mole removal is not advised as a DIY job, and requires the assistance of a professional animal control company. This is because they retain the industry training and knowledge; as well as, tools, equipment, and permits to capture or remove any animal infestation issue. Once a reputable company is contacted, the following is most likely to occur:

Assessment of Current Mole Damage
Locating Mole Tunnels
Determining Active and Non-Active Tunnels
Setting Bait Traps
Trapping Moles
Removing and Relocating Wild Moles
Repair and Restoration
Lawn Care Referrals
Moles Prevention

There is never a reason to trap and kill moles or any other animal considered to be a pest. In some states, it is illegal to kill these types of animals.

Indianapolis Animal Mole Removal 317-257-2290

Indianapolis Animal Mole Removal 317-257-2290

In other jurisdictions, one must carry a licensed or permit to shoot and hunt small animals. Trust a reputable wildlife removal company that specializes in safe and humane animal control to protect and preserve Nature’s wildlife.

For more information about animal mole removal in Indiana, call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 today! Our highly trained and qualified animal control technicians are DNT licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience trapping and removing wild animals in Indiana. Visit our website at for details about our services and company background. Call 317-257-229 for information about animal mole removal and more in Indianapolis, IN and any of its surrounding cities, counties, and neighborhoods.

How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Garden

Keep Wild Animals Out of your Garden in Indianapolis, IN

Wildlife Removal Indianapolis 317-257-2290

Garden hobbyists everywhere can relate with one other on the struggle to keep wild animals out of their gardens. It is an ongoing battle with Mother Nature to protect and sustain our bountiful gardens. Little critters, such as moles, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes, and more; can all be a threat to your produce and flora. Although cute to admire in nature, these animals are not welcome in our vegetable and flower patches! Continue reading to learn methods on how to keep wild animals out of your garden for good.

Using Wild Animal Repellant Products

Animal repellants and sprays are a common option when it comes to stopping animal intrusion in your backyards and gardens. Many people think these products are dangerous to humans and the environment; but in fact, they are not. Animal repellant solutions and sprays are specifically designed to be Earth friendly, organic, and safe for human consumption. They are simply formulated to deter animals from enjoying the taste of the produce or to thwart them from entering the property. Some products are urine based, giving the illusion there are predators around. Common urine based products are Coyote or Fox urine. Smaller animals that steal from our gardens will believe there is a predator lurking in your yard and will go elsewhere for food. Other repellants are natural organic liquids that are used on the soil in the garden. It penetrates the roots and changes the way the plant or vegetable tastes to the animal. It does not; however, change the taste for humans and eventually wears off.

Not Using Wildlife Removal Repellants and Sprays

If you are still concerned with using a manufactured product to keep wild animals out of your garden, there are some other ideas to try. Imitating or replicating a predator on your property can thwart animals from trespassing altogether. For example, you can use human hair to scatter around the perimeter of your property. Animals will recognize this as a danger zone, and will not return out of fear and precaution. The hair decomposes naturally and you can get as much as you like from your local barber. Another option is to adopt a dog or puppy. Dogs are natural protectors and loyal to their families. Having a dog run around the backyard will prevent animals from entering your property. Just be sure to train your puppy not to eat your garden too!

For more information on how to keep wild animals out of your garden, ask a professional at Wildlife Removal Indianapolis. We are expert animal control specialists with years of experience in the wildlife removal industry. Our animal control technicians are highly trained to provide a wide variety of services for residential and commercial properties in Indiana. Visit our website at, or call us today at 317-257-2290 and learn how to keep wild animals out of your garden in Indianapolis, IN.

Grub Removal Leads to Mole Removal

Animal mole removal IndianapolisGardening enthusiasts are well aware of the troubles that come along with moles and other small rodents disturbing their beautiful gardens. No gardener should have to give up their harvests to wild nuisances. When it comes to getting rid of moles in gardens, there is an entirely different place to start. Read on to learn how to get rid of moles in your garden for good!

Get Rid of the Grubs

When it comes to mole removal in gardens and backyards, there is only one effective place to start; and that’s to get rid of the grubs! Grubs, also known as scarabs, are small worm-like larvae of June beetles and other similar insects. Vegetable gardeners should know about these critters very well. They live in nutrient rich soil and thrive on plants and other organic matter. Not only do they create a very serious threat on your harvest, they attract an even more problematic critter, moles!

In order to get rid of moles in a garden, a person first has to tackle their grub infestation. There are many ways to do this, but it is best to follow up on research to ensure an environmentally safe approach. It is not recommended to use pesticides and insecticides on garden eatables. Instead, many garden buffs are heading down the Milky Spore highway.

Milky Spores for Mole Removal

Milky spores are a bacterium that lives in soil. It is a predator to grubs and other larvae. These spores are available at virtually any local market or home gardening store. They are applied manually to the surface of the soil in the garden. The ideal time to do this is late summer time when the grubs first hatch. As the weather turns, the grubs move deeper in to the ground. Milky spores are a safe and effective remedy to grub infestation. When the mole’s food source is diminished, they will leave as well. Get rid of their food source to get rid of moles!

To learn more about animal mole removal in Indianapolis, IN, call Wildlife Animal Removal at 317-257-2290 today. We are licensed and experienced animal removal specialists with over twenty years of experience in the wild animal control industry. We only use safe and humane methods to capture and release wild animals from residential and commercial properties. We offer expert advice, free estimates, and 24 hour emergency service too! Visit our Indianapolis Mole Removal webpage at for more information.

Stop Squirrels from Stealing Bird Feed

Indiana Squirrel Removal 317-257-2290

Indiana Squirrel Removal

Common knowledge is that squirrels love bird houses, bird feeders, and bird seed. They climb, jump, leap,and crawl to great lengths for a taste of what was meant for our feathered friends. How do we stop squirrels from getting to our bird seed? Well it is actually more achievable than you think! Read on to learn a few simple strategies than can solve your stolen bird seed problem immediately!

Squirrel Dome

A squirrel dome is an attachment that you can put below or above a bird feeder. They can be found at supermarkets, home stores, and online. For bird houses that hang from something above, the dome is placed above the bird feeder. When it’s in place, the squirrel cannot gain traction long enough to climb under the dome and get to the seed. If you have bird houses that are hung from a shorter pole that stakes into the ground, the dome should be placed under the feeder. This way, when squirrels try to climb the staked pole, they can only reach the inside of the dome, and cannot get above it to the bird feeder. A squirrel dome is an inexpensive and immediate solution to conserving your bird feed.

Repellant Spray

There is a product on the market that can be found at home stores, grocery stores, department stores, and pet stores called squirrel repellant spray. It comes in a simple and easy to use spray bottle and is inexpensive to purchase. Although the word “repellant” may seem harsh, it is actually 100% safe for the squirrels and birds. The directions say to spray the solution all over the bird house itself, as well as, the bird seed. The birds do not mind the spray one bit, but the squirrels do not like the taste at all. This deters them from wanting the bird seed in the first place. If it doesn’t taste good, they won’t pursue it!

Give in to the Squirrels

A friendlier approach would be to just give the squirrels their own food. This option is most helpful for home owners with large populations of squirrels living near their property. There are squirrel toys on the market, such as picnic table-shaped squirrel feeders and spinning wheels that entertain families of all ages. Purchasing shelled peanuts and placing them on the opposite side of the yard from the bird feeders can greatly reduce the amount of bird seed you go through.

For more information on squirrel control in Indianapolis, call our professionals at 317-257-2290. We are a locally owned and operated wildlife removal company in Indiana. We are licensed and insured to remove wildlife from commercial and residential properties as well as repair damages caused by wild animals.

Removing Skunk Smell on Your Dog

Removing Skunk Smell in Indiana

Skunk Removal Indianapolis

Skunks are sniffed out more often than they are spotted in our communities. When we are driving down the highway, or sitting on our back porch, we may smell that distinct earthy odor released by local skunks. Once we smell it, we know exactly what it is right away. The sour putrid smell of skunk is one of the most recognizable odors in the outdoors. One common curios skunk victim is your pet dog. Dogs are commonly sprayed by skunks because their curiosity provokes the skunk and they get sprayed wherever they are sniffing. This means dogs are mostly sprayed in the face. If you detect skunk odor on your dog, follow these simple steps to aid the dog, remove the smell, and prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Check Your Dog’s Face

As mentioned before, dogs are usually hit right in the face because this is the area of the skunk they were sniffing out to begin with. Because of this common occurrence, as soon as you smell skunk on your dog, check his face immediately. The chemicals in the skunk spray can irritate a dog’s nose, ears, throat, mouth, and eyes. Check out all these areas, and rinse them with water if they were indeed sprayed. Once they are rinsed, if the eyes are still red, or if the dog still acts agitated, see your vet right away.

No Water

Most people want to start rinsing the fur right away to rid the smell. DO NOT pour water on the dog’s coat. Water will soften and open the pores on its skin allowing the skunk smell to seep in and burn. This can cause future skin irritations and more.

Cleaning Solutions

To clean the dog and get rid of the skunk odor, mix together a solution made up of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. For smaller dogs, use three quarters of a bottle of peroxide mixed with 3-5 tablespoons of baking soda. For medium dogs use twice the amount, and for larger dogs, triple it. Once the solution is mixed, gently scrub the solution all over your dog. Rinse before the solutions sits for more than five minutes on your dog. Repeat this step as many times as you need to remove the smell. It is recommended to do this step outside to prevent stinking up your home. Also, wear dish washing gloves to protect your hands. If the stink is persistent, you may need to contact your vet for prescription shampoos and ointments to discard the odor.

Preventing Skunk Spraying Accidents

If you have had multiple skunk spray situations, or smell a skunk more than a few times a month, you will need professional skunk removal services. Skunk control in Indiana is safe and humane. Trappers safely capture and release these critters and relocate them to a safer and more remote area where they will not be bothered.

For more information on skunk removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana, call 317-257-2290 today. We are a licensed and insured wildlife removal company in Indianapolis that have been in the business for over ten years. Trust us to handle your skunk problems this season!