Quick Guide to Homemade Raccoon Repellant

Raccoons can be a nuisance animal all-year long. Although they typically hibernate in winter, there are several cases of raccoon infestation within residential and commercial properties all over the country. This winter, be prepared by safeguarding your property from wild animal intrusions with a few simple homemade remedies. Continue reading to learn some recipes for homemade raccoon repellant and protect your home from nuisance raccoons this season and the next.

Homemade Raccoon Repellant Recipe

Raccoon Removal Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-2290

Raccoon Removal Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-2290

There are various home-based items that can be used alone, or in combination, to thwart wild raccoons from entering your outdoor property, and inside areas too. Loose siding, vents, windows, soffits, and any other exterior openings that allow access indoors should be shut, locked, and covered before the cold season begins. This way, raccoons cannot get inside your home or property if they do trespass into your yard. Use wire mesh fences to block gardens and other outdoor areas that may attract raccoons. All this plus a good DIY raccoon repellant can ensure a raccoon-free winter. Here are some household products that can be used alone, or in conjunction, to repel raccoons from entering your premises:


Peppers can be used to make a repellant spray for raccoons. It is suggested to use two quarts of water, peppers, onions, and about a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Bring this mixture to a boil for fifteen minutes then strain the liquid and transfer it into a spray bottle.

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal 317-257-2290

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal 317-257-2290

Now you have a homemade raccoon replant that can be used to create a protective border around your property! Just spray the pepper solution around the house, lawn, garden, and trash cans to keep raccoons away. Be sure to re-spray if it rains, as well as, every few days to maintain its effectiveness.


On top of peppers and onion, there are other spices that can prevent raccoon intrusion. For example, spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, hot pepper seasoning, and more can irritate a raccoon’s senses, therefore, influencing it to keep its distance from your property. Just sprinkle a mixture of the seasonings around the border of your property, and other areas of your yard and garden, to prevent raccoons from coming back.


Indianapolis Raccoon Removal Services 317-257-2290

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal Services 317-257-2290

For home or property owners with fireplaces, it is suggested to place a small bowl of ammonia inside to keep raccoons from climbing into the chimney. Once all raccoons have left a chimney shoot, be sure to close the opening to prevent them from coming back. For other areas of a property, tie cloths or rags into balls and soak them in ammonia. Place the ammonia-soaked cloth balls anywhere in or around your property where raccoons are trespassing.

Sound, Light, and Sprinkler Systems

Other than actual solutions and recipes, there are a few other techniques to keep raccoons off your yard. Motion activated sprinkler systems and lights are a great tool for raccoon removal. Also, a loud radio or sound system can disturb them, encouraging them to find quitter shelter.

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