Top Tips for Skunk Control This Spring

Have you been scratching your head, trying to figure out a way to stop pesky skunks from trespassing onto your property? Has your dog been sprayed one too many times by a skunk that seems to never go away? Are you fed up with that distinct skunk smell outside of your house every day? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read this article.

Continue reading to learn effective methods for skunk removal and control that you can implement as soon as today!

Skunk Removal Control
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Skunk Abatement Advice

There are certain steps a homeowner can take that will make their property seem undesirable to skunks and other pesky critters. As long as you do the things mentioned in this article, you should have no problem taming a skunk infestation on your property. Keep in mind that the most common area for a skunk to hang out is under the front porch or patio because they prefer these dark, cooler areas, which provides them with a means of protection for themselves and their young.

So now you know that if you cannot figure out where a skunk is on your property, but you smell it, it is most likely underneath the porch or deck. Do not try to take a look or attempt to trap, touch, or harm any skunks. Not only is this illegal without a proper permit, it is wrong. There are several safe and humane ways to get rid of skunks other than killing or harming them.

DIY Skunk Control Tips

There are various do-it-yourself methods and strategies you can implement to prevent skunks from trespassing onto your property, all of which are easy, safe, and humane. For instance, read our blog, “A Recipe for Non-Toxic Animal Repellent” to learn how to make your own chemical-free skunk repelling solution! Keep in mind, if you find a colony of baby and mother skunks, you must call a local Indianapolis wildlife control company for professional assistance. They use safe and humane methods to extract skunks and relocate them to a faraway habitat.

As for yourself, here are some skunk abating tips to try:

☛ If you know there are no skunks beneath your porch or patio, go ahead and block off all access point so they cannot make this area their home in the future. Be diligent with this because skunks can surprisingly squeeze through some very small spaces.

☛ Never leave pet food or dishes outside. This is a free, easy, and tasty snack for skunks and many other wild animals. If you have bags of pet food in your shed or garage, be sure to lock them up.

☛ Remove all other food sources from your property, including bird feeders and squirrel feeders.

☛ If you have a garden, always be sure to install fencing around them to prevent skunks from accessing any crops.

☛ Never take the trash out the night before garbage pickup day. And always secure the trash can lids to prevent animals from smelling food and enticing them to find it.

☛ Eliminate hiding spots for skunks by keeping tall grass and weeds mowed. If they cannot hide, they will not enter the premises at all.

Professional Skunk Removal and Control in Indianapolis

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