Risks Associated With Bird Infestations

Birds are a resilient species. As creatures of true flight, birds are good at protecting themselves since they are capable of choosing the most remote and out-of-reach places to nest. They have first pick of the tallest trees, natural landings, cliffs, and hillsides. And although this is good for survival purposes, it tends to pose a bit of a problem for homeowners since birds often choose to make their nests on roofs, and in gutters, chimneys, vents, and attics. These areas are the most common places to find bird infestations in both residential and commercial properties. Houses and buildings with tall trees surrounding their property or tree canopies covering their rooftops are at higher risk of nuisance bird problems.

If you suspect that birds might be a problem around your home, continue reading to learn the most common signs to look for, and what to do if you discover a bird infestation.

Indianapolis Bird Removal 317-257-2290
Indianapolis Bird Removal 317-257-2290

Hazards Posed By Bird Infestations

The top nuisance bird species in Indiana include pigeons, starlings, grackles, crows, and house sparrows, but woodpeckers, crows, and waterfowl follow closely behind. It is important to resolve a nuisance bird problem before it can turn into a destructive infestation. If you already have a bird infestation on your hands, it is equally important to get professional assistance as soon as possible. The longer you wait to remedy a bird infestation, the more damages can accumulate, which will add to the total cost and time it takes to renovate the mess.

More unfavorably, bird infestations can pose several health risks, including transmissible respiratory diseases and lung infections such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. They can also pose risks of lice, bird mites, fleas, and other parasite invasions. Bird eggs are also a target for snakes, which means a bird infestation can quickly lead to a nuisance snake problem too. Be sure you know the signs of a bird infestation.

Signs of a Bird Infestation

➳ Chirping Sounds in Walls
➳ Chirping Sounds in Chimney
➳ Chirping Sounds Coming From Attic
➳ Large Amounts of Bird Droppings in a Concentrated Area
➳ Evidence of Nests or Nesting Materials
➳ Swarms of Birds on the Roof or Nearby Power Lines
➳ Evidence of Pecking
➳ Increased Insect Activity
➳ Lice or Flea Outbreak
➳ Strong Lingering Odors

Bird Removal and Control in Indianapolis

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3 Signs You Have Nesting Birds Somewhere on Your Property

There are three common signs that tell you birds are nesting nearby on your property. This is not always a bad situation, so long as birds do not become a nuisance to your home or building. However, if you have nesting birds on your property, the chances of developing a bird infestation problem in your chimney, attic, and rooftop is much higher.

It is wise to contact a local and licensed Indianapolis wildlife control company for professional bird-proofing services you can trust. But before you pick up the phone to schedule an on-site inspection, take a closer look at your property to see if the signs of nesting are present.

Continue reading to learn what to look, and listen for!

Pigeon/Woodpecker Removal and Control 317-257-2290
Pigeon/Woodpecker Removal and Control 317-257-2290

Natural Habitats for Indiana Birds

Bird nests are usually camouflaged in nature, or at least the best ones are. Since it is not likely that you will be able to spot one with your eyes, you have to pay close attention to other signs. First, if you have a property full of bushes, shrubs, trees, and overgrown flora, there is a much higher chance that birds are living nearby. If you live near a body of water, like a pond or creek, you can increase those chances even more. 

Top 3 Signs to Look For:

❶ Destruction and Damage

Birds require materials to build their nests, so they will wander around your property collecting items like grass, feathers, trash, and more. Look for torn up grass, grass clippings, de-threaded rugs, ripped window screens, and down feather debris. These items are common materials used to build bird nests in urban areas. If you happen to see a bird with a beak full of similar materials, keep an eye on it to see where it goes. Hopefully, it heads to a bush or tree, rather than your roof or chimney.

❷ Concentrated Activity

Birds do not hang out in places without a good reason. If there is a concentration of bird activity on your property, but there is no bird feeder or bath nearby, it is highly likely that you have found their nesting area. Watch to see birds take flight to and from this area to get an idea of where the nest could be. Be especially on the lookout for pigeons and woodpeckers, as these native Indiana birds are known to settle quickly before winter comes.

❸ Excessive Bird Chatter

Birds make noises, and most often, we enjoy the sounds of their chirps, chatter, and songs. But if you notice excessive bird noise on your property that sounds more like racket than harmony, it could be because you have a colony of birds nesting nearby. In fact, if you hear nasal whining sounds, it is likely baby birds hankering to be fed. Also, woodpeckers can be quite noisy with their incessant knocking and tapping noises, which can do a lot of damage to your home’s siding, roof, and more.

Nuisance Bird Control in Indianapolis

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