When Raccoons Leave Your House, Are They Really Gone for Good?

Raccoons appear cute and cuddly, but when they threaten the well-being of your home, it’s a different story. Raccoons are known to seek out shelter in residential and commercial areas for protection from harsh weather, predators, and to breed. This invasion can cause a detrimental amount of interior and exterior building and property damages. When we know raccoons are invading our property, we want to immediately eliminate the problem in the safest way possible. The best option in this case would be to hire a professional raccoon removal and control company. Be sure they are licensed and insured, retain proper equipment, and most importantly, use safe and humane methods to extract raccoons from a residential or commercial property. Raccoons are intelligent and fascinating critters that do not deserve to be killed or harmed in any way.

Professional animal control companies that are reputable and trusted never harm or kill raccoons. In most cases, they do not even trap raccoons; instead, they use a comprehensive method of extraction to force raccoons out of a building or property. So know that you know safe and humane raccoon control is available and effective, it is time to learn what causes raccoons to return. Continue reading to see why raccoons might return to a property after being extracted or removed wither professionally or on your own.

Returning Raccoons

Yes a professional raccoon control technician can effectively remove raccoons from a property; however, they cannot be there in the everyday lives of property owners to ensure they are not tempting raccoons back on their property. You see, there are several habits and practices that a person or family can do that attract wild animals. Even if the raccoons left, they will come back if home and property owners do not change what attracted them in the first place. For example, leaving trash outside is a huge no-no when it comes to getting rid of raccoons. Leaving food scraps, dog food, or garbage outside and accessible to animals is like giving raccoons an open invitation for a free meal. People who take the trash out the night before trash day are frequent targets for raccoons. Raccoons are nocturnal and look for food at night. It is better to wait and take the trash out on the day of trash pickup. This way, there is no threat of raccoon encounters.

Another example involves home structure and security. If raccoons invaded a property the first time by squeezing through loose roof shingles or prying open vulnerable dry wall into an attic; chances are they can accomplish this again if necessary precaution aren’t taken. It is important to do a thorough inspection of the home to seal and patch up all vulnerable spots; such as windows, roof shingles, decks, porches, crawl spaces, dry wall, locks, and more. If these areas are still weak, raccoons will find their way back inside a house or building for shelter. It is important to not leave food outside, seal up all vulnerable or exposed areas of a property, and apply non-poisonous raccoon repellant sprays to thwart raccoons from returning to your property. If using repellant, avoid moth-ball or urine-based formulas. These can be dangerous to humans, pets, and other animals, and they are ineffective.

Indianapolis Raccoon Removal and Control

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