Stop Squirrels from Stealing Bird Feed

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Common knowledge is that squirrels love bird houses, bird feeders, and bird seed. They climb, jump, leap,and crawl to great lengths for a taste of what was meant for our feathered friends. How do we stop squirrels from getting to our bird seed? Well it is actually more achievable than you think! Read on to learn a few simple strategies than can solve your stolen bird seed problem immediately!

Squirrel Dome

A squirrel dome is an attachment that you can put below or above a bird feeder. They can be found at supermarkets, home stores, and online. For bird houses that hang from something above, the dome is placed above the bird feeder. When it’s in place, the squirrel cannot gain traction long enough to climb under the dome and get to the seed. If you have bird houses that are hung from a shorter pole that stakes into the ground, the dome should be placed under the feeder. This way, when squirrels try to climb the staked pole, they can only reach the inside of the dome, and cannot get above it to the bird feeder. A squirrel dome is an inexpensive and immediate solution to conserving your bird feed.

Repellant Spray

There is a product on the market that can be found at home stores, grocery stores, department stores, and pet stores called squirrel repellant spray. It comes in a simple and easy to use spray bottle and is inexpensive to purchase. Although the word “repellant” may seem harsh, it is actually 100% safe for the squirrels and birds. The directions say to spray the solution all over the bird house itself, as well as, the bird seed. The birds do not mind the spray one bit, but the squirrels do not like the taste at all. This deters them from wanting the bird seed in the first place. If it doesn’t taste good, they won’t pursue it!

Give in to the Squirrels

A friendlier approach would be to just give the squirrels their own food. This option is most helpful for home owners with large populations of squirrels living near their property. There are squirrel toys on the market, such as picnic table-shaped squirrel feeders and spinning wheels that entertain families of all ages. Purchasing shelled peanuts and placing them on the opposite side of the yard from the bird feeders can greatly reduce the amount of bird seed you go through.

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