Grub Removal Leads to Mole Removal

Animal mole removal IndianapolisGardening enthusiasts are well aware of the troubles that come along with moles and other small rodents disturbing their beautiful gardens. No gardener should have to give up their harvests to wild nuisances. When it comes to getting rid of moles in gardens, there is an entirely different place to start. Read on to learn how to get rid of moles in your garden for good!

Get Rid of the Grubs

When it comes to mole removal in gardens and backyards, there is only one effective place to start; and that’s to get rid of the grubs! Grubs, also known as scarabs, are small worm-like larvae of June beetles and other similar insects. Vegetable gardeners should know about these critters very well. They live in nutrient rich soil and thrive on plants and other organic matter. Not only do they create a very serious threat on your harvest, they attract an even more problematic critter, moles!

In order to get rid of moles in a garden, a person first has to tackle their grub infestation. There are many ways to do this, but it is best to follow up on research to ensure an environmentally safe approach. It is not recommended to use pesticides and insecticides on garden eatables. Instead, many garden buffs are heading down the Milky Spore highway.

Milky Spores for Mole Removal

Milky spores are a bacterium that lives in soil. It is a predator to grubs and other larvae. These spores are available at virtually any local market or home gardening store. They are applied manually to the surface of the soil in the garden. The ideal time to do this is late summer time when the grubs first hatch. As the weather turns, the grubs move deeper in to the ground. Milky spores are a safe and effective remedy to grub infestation. When the mole’s food source is diminished, they will leave as well. Get rid of their food source to get rid of moles!

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