How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Garden

Keep Wild Animals Out of your Garden in Indianapolis, IN

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Garden hobbyists everywhere can relate with one other on the struggle to keep wild animals out of their gardens. It is an ongoing battle with Mother Nature to protect and sustain our bountiful gardens. Little critters, such as moles, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes, and more; can all be a threat to your produce and flora. Although cute to admire in nature, these animals are not welcome in our vegetable and flower patches! Continue reading to learn methods on how to keep wild animals out of your garden for good.

Using Wild Animal Repellant Products

Animal repellants and sprays are a common option when it comes to stopping animal intrusion in your backyards and gardens. Many people think these products are dangerous to humans and the environment; but in fact, they are not. Animal repellant solutions and sprays are specifically designed to be Earth friendly, organic, and safe for human consumption. They are simply formulated to deter animals from enjoying the taste of the produce or to thwart them from entering the property. Some products are urine based, giving the illusion there are predators around. Common urine based products are Coyote or Fox urine. Smaller animals that steal from our gardens will believe there is a predator lurking in your yard and will go elsewhere for food. Other repellants are natural organic liquids that are used on the soil in the garden. It penetrates the roots and changes the way the plant or vegetable tastes to the animal. It does not; however, change the taste for humans and eventually wears off.

Not Using Wildlife Removal Repellants and Sprays

If you are still concerned with using a manufactured product to keep wild animals out of your garden, there are some other ideas to try. Imitating or replicating a predator on your property can thwart animals from trespassing altogether. For example, you can use human hair to scatter around the perimeter of your property. Animals will recognize this as a danger zone, and will not return out of fear and precaution. The hair decomposes naturally and you can get as much as you like from your local barber. Another option is to adopt a dog or puppy. Dogs are natural protectors and loyal to their families. Having a dog run around the backyard will prevent animals from entering your property. Just be sure to train your puppy not to eat your garden too!

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