How to Avoid Wild Animal Encounters Near Your Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWild animals are everywhere around us. They rummage through our trash cans, tamper with our landscaping, and empty our gardens. This is understandable because many forest animals have been forced out of their natural habitats due to new construction and housing developments popping up all over the country. Animals such as skunks, deer, raccoons, opossum, and rabbits are a few examples of wild animals commonly seen in residential and commercial areas. Although they are around us and living amongst our communities, does not mean we have to fight them off, or exterminate them. Instead, read on to learn how to avoid wild animal encounters altogether and maintain harmony between humans and nature.

Garbage Control

One easy way to deter wild animals from entering on your property is to manage your trash better. Many residents and homeowners leave their garbage cans outside until trash day. The accumulation of trash expels odors that attract wild animals. To them, a full garbage can is an easy meal. They will rip through the bag and pull out anything that seems tasty to them. This creates a huge mess in your lawn and street. They will also remember that your house is a reliable source of food and continue to come back again and again. To keep animals off your property and avoid encountering them, remove your garbage from outside until the morning of trash pickup. Keep it in a garage or shed, and if that is not an option, use bungee cords to lock the lid on your garbage so it is inaccessible.

Pet Food

Another way to avoid wild animal encounters is to remove any outdoor pet food on your property. Wild animals like raccoons and skunks love the taste of dog and cat food. If you have an outdoor pet or pet house, be sure to not leave their food bowls outdoors, overnight. Again, these animals will remember there is food on your property, and will come back to get it. They can encounter your pets this way as well which can be a dangerous situation.

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