Local Wildlife You Might See This Spring and Summer

Our state is mostly known for our corn, race cars, and football; however, Indiana actually has a lot more to offer. With each season, Hoosiers witness magnificent changes in the beautiful flora and fauna in their surrounding environments, a characteristic commonly overlooked in Indiana. The fall and winter seasons bring new color and snow, and animals that are covered in fur. Then the spring and summer rolls in, bringing out the sun and hibernating animals from their dens. The animals here in Indiana are fascinating and fun to learn about. 

Continue reading to learn which species of local Indiana wildlife you may run into in the upcoming seasons!

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290
Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290

🐹 Squirrels

Squirrels are recognized in the medium-sized rodent category. They are slender-bodied animals, covered in a thick fur. They have a long bushy tail, great vision, and strong claws for climbing and grasping their food.  They make their homes in trees where they nest their young as well. They typically feed on foods rich in protein and fat, such as: nuts, seeds, tree buds, small insects, conifer cones, fruits, and fungi.  They are widely seen in forests and woods, as well as, residential and urban areas.

🐺 Raccoons

Raccoons are a medium-sized mammal often seen in areas with mixed deciduous trees. They have black stripes on their long tails, and their bodies are covered in a dense and course fur. This fur allows them to survive in harsh weather conditions, by staying cool in the hot seasons and warm in the cold ones.  One signature trait raccoons share is a mask-like black patch over their eyes, making them look like bandits. This, along with their mischievous behavior in residential areas, has coined them the nickname, “bandits”. Although mischievous, they are very intelligent and have dexterous hands that allow easy gripping and climbing; and they create dens for their homes where they breed and feed their offspring.

🦌 Deer

Deer are seen all over rural areas of Indiana. They live in forest, woods, meadows, and protected nature parks. There are different species of deer, all similar and not-so-similar to each other. Deer breed and produce offspring called fawns. The female deer is a doe and the males are called bucks.  Male deer are characterized the most by their long and powerful antlers. A doe does not have antlers, and are sometimes lighter in coat color. This allows them to blend better to their natural surroundings and keep out of the sight of predators. Deer are a wonderful and tasty source of meat for many families in North America and around the world.

But Beware…

The wildlife in Indiana is certainly a wonderful, yet overlooked asset in this state. Animals in the forests and wooded areas should stay protected by respecting their habitats and not over using their resources. There are circumstances when wildlife may lose their way, or be forced into urban and residential areas. In this case, it is important to contact a wildlife removal expert to safely and humanely remove and relocate wild animals from your property.  Read our blog, “Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Wildlife Encounters” in the meantime.

If Local Wildlife Becomes a Nuisance To You…

Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional Indianapolis wildlife removal and control, anytime. We are DNR licensed wildlife control specialists who offer a wide range of residential and commercial wildlife removal services, including 24 hour emergency service, minor attic restorations, cleanup, free estimates, and more. Request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290

Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Wildlife Encounters

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290

Wild animals can be a nuisance in our neighborhoods and communities. They tamper with our garbage, destroy our landscaping, and even vandalize our buildings and homes. This has become a common occurrence since much of forest wildlife has been forced to live among us due to the destruction of their natural habitats. Animals such as squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, and skunks are among a few that have traded forest living for urban living. Although they are among us, there are ways to prevent them from entering near your home or garden.

Follow these simple tips to avoid wild animal encounters in your neighborhood.

Manage Your Waste

Raccoons and other animals are attracted to easy food sources in residential areas, and trash cans and garbage receptacles are just that. In order to keep animals away from your home, it is important to manage your waste. Be sure your trash cans are locked up in a shed or garage in between pickups. If they are ready to be taken outside, do not leave them out overnight. Raccoons are nocturnal, and they will still get to your trash. Take your trash out the morning of its scheduled pickup. If you have to put your trash out the night before, or do not have a shed or garage to store your receptacles in, you can still seal the lids on tightly. Use bungee cords or twist-on lids to keep them sealed up. If animals cannot reach your garbage, they will remember that your house or property is not a food source, and they will stop coming around.

Do Not Leave Pet Food Outside

Pet food for dogs, cats, or any other outdoor pet should be off limits to stray and wild animals. Do not leave your dog or cats’ food bowl out in the open where an animal can reach it. Leaving pet food out will send a message to wild animals that your property is a guaranteed feeding ground. This also can be true for birdfeeders and even dirty grills.

Eliminate Animal “Hang Outs”

Wild animals will be tempted to dwell around your home if there are desirable hiding places and potential nesting areas on your property. For example, wood and compost piles are great hiding spots for animals. Compost piles are a huge attraction for animals in general. Also, animals like to hide under porches, in sheds, decks, crawl spaces, and any other dim and secluded place they can access. By closing off these spots deters animals from wanting to use them for nesting.

Miscellaneous Methods

Devices that make noise or spray water, or devices that move, can help deter wild animals from coming onto your property. Also, trimming branches that reach your roof can prevent animals from accessing the roof as easily. It also reduces hiding spots. Lastly, be sure there are no openings, or weak and vulnerable spots on the exterior of the home. Animals will find a way into these areas and begin nesting. To prevent this, close up chimneys, patch up holes in the roof, and double check your side paneling.

Indianapolis Wild Animal Removal

Call our professionals today at 317-257-2290 when you need wild animal removal in Indianapolis, Indiana or its surrounding locations. We are licensed, insured, and certified wildlife control technicians that have over 20 years of experience in the business. We can protect your property from unsafe wild animal activity, and safely remove those that have gained access inside your home or building. Call 317-257-2290 for safe and humane wildlife removal and control services in Indianapolis, IN today.

Snake Removal and Control

Snakes are not the most desirable encounter to have on your property. This is especially true for homes with pets and young children. When we send our beloved family and pets into our backyards, we want to believe they are in a safe environment. Although most Indiana snakes are not poisonous, that doesn’t mean they still can’t be a threat. Snakes can bite, leaving behind burning and bleeding wounds. These are painful, and can also be a means of transferring disease. Snakes can be carriers of many infectious diseases that can harm or injury adults, kids, and other animals. They can also carry germs and bacteria that are equally unhealthy to come into contact with. If you see snakes on your property, it is best to have them removed right away. Snakes can also be a burden on gardens, plants, and can also cause structural damages in some cases.

What to Do if You See a Snake

Contact a professional Indianapolis snake removal service that provides safe and humane wildlife control. They retain the proper tools, training, and equipment necessary to eliminate a snake infestation, and prevent snakes from returning to your property. Be sure to choose a licensed wildlife removal and control company for professional and reliable service.

Professional wildlife contractors typically use safe and humane snake traps, because most snake species are only active at night. Although this doesn’t mean they can’t be tracked during the day. There are some common and predictable snake “hangouts” on residential properties, like underneath gutters and large rocks. The traps are setup for the night, and checked the next day for any snakes.

Repellents are used to protect the borders of the property, to prevent future snake intrusions. These repellants usually consist of cedar oil, clove oil, cinnamon, and even sulfur scents. Snakes do not like these smells, and will choose to venture to another place, rather than your property, for food and shelter.

Snakes are important parts of the Eco-system and help maintain an environmental balance; this reason and more is why they should never be harmed or killed. A professional wildlife removal specialist will securely relocate captured snakes to a safe and faraway habitat.

Wildlife Removal Indianapolis

Call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 for professional and affordable snake removal and control solutions. We are highly trained and DNR licensed wild animal removal contractors with decades of experience removing snakes and more in Indiana. We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties, at the most competitive prices in town. Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional snake removal services to get rid of snakes in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties today!

Types of Property Damages Caused By Wild Animals

Wildlife Removal and Control Indianapolis 317-257-2290

Wildlife Removal and Control Indianapolis 317-257-2290

There are various types of wild animals capable of damaging our homes, lawns, gardens, and more; however, in residential areas, there is a more specific group to watch out for, especially in Indiana. Animals such as pigeons, moles, rabbits, raccoons, bats, and snakes are popular deviants that trespass onto our properties and leave behind costly messes. Continue reading to learn about each species and the damages they are known to inflict on residential properties in Indianapolis, IN.


Raccoons are among the most intelligent North American mammals found in forested and wooded residential areas. They are very clever and can use their highly dexterous paws to open doors, dig through trash, climb rooftops, and more. Raccoons are nocturnal as well; meaning they rest during the day and stay active at night. They feed on anything, from small invertebrates and insects, to outdoor dog food! They are known to gain access into homes and tear up attic and crawl spaces. They use these areas during the cold seasons for protection against the weather and to breed their young. This can create a very expensive mess to clean up and restore. Raccoons can saturate and contaminate dry wall and wood beams with urine and droppings. These droppings also contain harmful agents that can cause disease and illness in humans and pets. They can also chew through electrical wiring, rip off roof shingles, and much more. Raccoons are a problem that should be dealt with immediately to avoid costly repairs and renovations.


Bats are just the same as raccoons. They are nocturnal and do all their dirty work while we are fast asleep. They are so tiny that they can find access inside our homes through the smallest of crevices. Roof shingles can be slipped in to, as well as, cracked windows, loose siding, garages, and storage sheds. They seek out shelter for breeding, mating, and feeding purposes. Bats are significant and useful mammals to have around in the summer because they can consume around 100 insects in one hour. This is great bug control! On the other hand, we do not want them damaging our homes. This is another example of a problem that has to be handled immediately before more and more damage accrues.


Pigeons are simply messy. They commonly flock in large numbers; and when they choose to use your rooftop as a resting point, let’s just say they can paint the roof a matte white once they’re through. Pigeon clean up services are readily available, so there is no need to fret about the mess. Also, there really is no way to refrain pigeons from using your house as a toilet. Try to reduce any elements that may be attracting birds to your property, or call a professional wildlife removal expert for advice.


Snakes can become a threat to small children or pets on your property. If you are spotting snakes frequently, it may be time to take some action. Snakes can also negatively affect gardens, flower patches, and landscaping; so it is recommended to get rid of them fast. There are various snake repellants on the market that seem to work quite well. If you are not a do-it-yourself kind of person, a professional wildlife removal tech is happy to oblige.

Moles, Squirrels, Rabbits, and Chipmunks

Moles, rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels are all small and furry; but they can leave a bad impression on lawn and garden lovers. These small critters like to burrow, dig, eat, and steal in gardens and lawns. Flowers, mulch patches, fruits, vegetables, and fresh lain sod are all at risk if these animals are frequent visitors to your lawn. Again, trust a professional that retains the proper equipment and knowledge to capture and release these animals so that they are no longer a bother to you.

For more information about wildlife control and removal in Indianapolis, call 317-257-2290 today. We are licensed and qualified wild animal control specialists with over 30 years of experience in the animal control industry. We work with raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, bats, moles, chipmunks, snakes, skunks, and much more! Visit our website at http://www.wildliferemovalindianapolis.com for details about our services and how we can help. Dependable and affordable wildlife removal and control services in Indianapolis, IN are just a phone call away!

How to Avoid Wild Animal Encounters Near Your Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWild animals are everywhere around us. They rummage through our trash cans, tamper with our landscaping, and empty our gardens. This is understandable because many forest animals have been forced out of their natural habitats due to new construction and housing developments popping up all over the country. Animals such as skunks, deer, raccoons, opossum, and rabbits are a few examples of wild animals commonly seen in residential and commercial areas. Although they are around us and living amongst our communities, does not mean we have to fight them off, or exterminate them. Instead, read on to learn how to avoid wild animal encounters altogether and maintain harmony between humans and nature.

Garbage Control

One easy way to deter wild animals from entering on your property is to manage your trash better. Many residents and homeowners leave their garbage cans outside until trash day. The accumulation of trash expels odors that attract wild animals. To them, a full garbage can is an easy meal. They will rip through the bag and pull out anything that seems tasty to them. This creates a huge mess in your lawn and street. They will also remember that your house is a reliable source of food and continue to come back again and again. To keep animals off your property and avoid encountering them, remove your garbage from outside until the morning of trash pickup. Keep it in a garage or shed, and if that is not an option, use bungee cords to lock the lid on your garbage so it is inaccessible.

Pet Food

Another way to avoid wild animal encounters is to remove any outdoor pet food on your property. Wild animals like raccoons and skunks love the taste of dog and cat food. If you have an outdoor pet or pet house, be sure to not leave their food bowls outdoors, overnight. Again, these animals will remember there is food on your property, and will come back to get it. They can encounter your pets this way as well which can be a dangerous situation.

For more information on avoiding wild animal encounters, call Wildlife Animal Removal in Indianapolis, IN. We are animal control experts with over 15 years of experience. We can answer questions, give advice, and offer free estimates for animal removal in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call us today at 317-257-2290 for wild animal control in Indianapolis, IN.

Stop Squirrels from Stealing Bird Feed

Indiana Squirrel Removal 317-257-2290

Indiana Squirrel Removal

Common knowledge is that squirrels love bird houses, bird feeders, and bird seed. They climb, jump, leap,and crawl to great lengths for a taste of what was meant for our feathered friends. How do we stop squirrels from getting to our bird seed? Well it is actually more achievable than you think! Read on to learn a few simple strategies than can solve your stolen bird seed problem immediately!

Squirrel Dome

A squirrel dome is an attachment that you can put below or above a bird feeder. They can be found at supermarkets, home stores, and online. For bird houses that hang from something above, the dome is placed above the bird feeder. When it’s in place, the squirrel cannot gain traction long enough to climb under the dome and get to the seed. If you have bird houses that are hung from a shorter pole that stakes into the ground, the dome should be placed under the feeder. This way, when squirrels try to climb the staked pole, they can only reach the inside of the dome, and cannot get above it to the bird feeder. A squirrel dome is an inexpensive and immediate solution to conserving your bird feed.

Repellant Spray

There is a product on the market that can be found at home stores, grocery stores, department stores, and pet stores called squirrel repellant spray. It comes in a simple and easy to use spray bottle and is inexpensive to purchase. Although the word “repellant” may seem harsh, it is actually 100% safe for the squirrels and birds. The directions say to spray the solution all over the bird house itself, as well as, the bird seed. The birds do not mind the spray one bit, but the squirrels do not like the taste at all. This deters them from wanting the bird seed in the first place. If it doesn’t taste good, they won’t pursue it!

Give in to the Squirrels

A friendlier approach would be to just give the squirrels their own food. This option is most helpful for home owners with large populations of squirrels living near their property. There are squirrel toys on the market, such as picnic table-shaped squirrel feeders and spinning wheels that entertain families of all ages. Purchasing shelled peanuts and placing them on the opposite side of the yard from the bird feeders can greatly reduce the amount of bird seed you go through.

For more information on squirrel control in Indianapolis, call our professionals at 317-257-2290. We are a locally owned and operated wildlife removal company in Indiana. We are licensed and insured to remove wildlife from commercial and residential properties as well as repair damages caused by wild animals.