What You Need to Know Before Feeding Wild Animals

If you are someone who has great appreciation and admiration for wildlife, you might be compelled to feed them. Feeding ducks and geese your leftover bread loaves is one thing, but feeding the rest of the local animal population can lead to a load of problems. Continue reading to learn the do’s and don’ts of feeding wild animals around your house.

24 Hour Wildlife Control 317-257-2290
24 Hour Wildlife Control 317-257-2290

Wild Animals Will Always Be Wild

Although you find the wildlife around you cute and cuddly, they are nothing of the sort. When feeding wildlife, whether at the state park or your own backyard, never get too close nor trust them. Wild animals take thousands of years to domesticate, which is why dogs and cats are most loyal pets. If you think a squirrel will love you because you feed it, think again! Wild animals are unpredictable. So before you start feeding them, be sure you think it through.

You are Giving Them an Invitation

Furthermore, when you feed wild animals on your own property, you are fully inviting them onto your property. Now, you might think they will come for the food and then leave, but not all species of animal will do this. In fact, there are several species of wildlife that are smart, and will remember your home as a source of food. Rather than coming and going, they can choose to simply make your home their own.

Wild animals, like raccoons, opossum, birds, and squirrels can enter into houses and cause a long list of damages. Not only will they soil everything with their droppings and urine, they will tear everything to pieces, stain floors and ceilings, rip attic insulation, chew electrical wiring, and more. This can eventually happen if animals remember your home as a reliable and consistent source of food.

When it comes to feeding wildlife….

❌ DON’T:

❌ Use human food to feed wildlife.
❌ Use containers with narrow tops or openings that may suffocate animals.
❌ Attempt to touch, harm, trap, kill, or domesticate a wild animal.
❌ Do not attempt to hand-feed animals.
❌ Leave garbage cans open and available, overnight.

✅ DO:

✅ Use animal-specific feeders, such as bird feeders and squirrel feeders.
✅ Place feeders far away from your house and other houses and structures.
✅ Feed less during winter seasons so animals know to hibernate somewhere else.
✅ Contact a wildlife control company if animals become aggressive or annoying.

Indianapolis Wildlife Control Services

Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional Indianapolis wildlife control, anytime. We are DNR licensed wildlife control specialists who offer a wide range of residential and commercial wildlife removal and abatement services, including 24 hour emergency service, minor attic restorations, cleanup, free estimates, and more. Request a free estimate, today.

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Where to Get Emergency Wildlife Control in Indianapolis

Wild animals are wild, so it is no surprise that they turn up to be a nuisance in residential and metropolitan settings. In some cases, wild animals can pose certain hazards, especially animals that are known for aggression or infectious disease. So if you have nuisance wildlife problems, the best course of action is to enlist the services of a DNR licensed and insured wildlife abatement company that can deliver prompt and workable solutions at a price you can afford.

So where can you get emergency wildlife control in Indianapolis? The answer is US!

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Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control

Contact our expert wildlife rescue and control specialists at 317-257-2290 for 24 hour emergency wildlife abatement services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Not only are we DNR licensed and insured professionals with more than 3 decades of experience in the industry, we strictly operate in accordance to all local and national laws governing wildlife trapping, which means all of our methods are non-lethal, safe, and humane.

We are fully-equipped and prepared to undertake any animal removal job, large or small, and remain dedicated to safe and humane wildlife control. When you need prompt and professional animal removal services in Indianapolis, trust our licensed and insured wildlife rescue contractors for efficient and affordable solutions for both residential and commercial clientele.

Economy-Based Prices

In terms of affordability, you can trust us for honest quotes and workmanship, and economy-based pricing. After all, our ultimate goal as a company is to provide affordable and effective solutions for property owners dealing with wild animal infestations and damages.

As a locally-owned and operated business, we understand the true value of a dollar, which is why we are committed to maintaining fair and honest rates that everyone can afford. Furthermore, we work alongside several insurance carriers to perform homeowner’s insurance work.

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Top Tips for Skunk Control This Spring

Have you been scratching your head, trying to figure out a way to stop pesky skunks from trespassing onto your property? Has your dog been sprayed one too many times by a skunk that seems to never go away? Are you fed up with that distinct skunk smell outside of your house every day? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read this article.

Continue reading to learn effective methods for skunk removal and control that you can implement as soon as today!

Skunk Removal Control
Skunk Removal Control 317-257-2290

Skunk Abatement Advice

There are certain steps a homeowner can take that will make their property seem undesirable to skunks and other pesky critters. As long as you do the things mentioned in this article, you should have no problem taming a skunk infestation on your property. Keep in mind that the most common area for a skunk to hang out is under the front porch or patio because they prefer these dark, cooler areas, which provides them with a means of protection for themselves and their young.

So now you know that if you cannot figure out where a skunk is on your property, but you smell it, it is most likely underneath the porch or deck. Do not try to take a look or attempt to trap, touch, or harm any skunks. Not only is this illegal without a proper permit, it is wrong. There are several safe and humane ways to get rid of skunks other than killing or harming them.

DIY Skunk Control Tips

There are various do-it-yourself methods and strategies you can implement to prevent skunks from trespassing onto your property, all of which are easy, safe, and humane. For instance, read our blog, “A Recipe for Non-Toxic Animal Repellent” to learn how to make your own chemical-free skunk repelling solution! Keep in mind, if you find a colony of baby and mother skunks, you must call a local Indianapolis wildlife control company for professional assistance. They use safe and humane methods to extract skunks and relocate them to a faraway habitat.

As for yourself, here are some skunk abating tips to try:

☛ If you know there are no skunks beneath your porch or patio, go ahead and block off all access point so they cannot make this area their home in the future. Be diligent with this because skunks can surprisingly squeeze through some very small spaces.

☛ Never leave pet food or dishes outside. This is a free, easy, and tasty snack for skunks and many other wild animals. If you have bags of pet food in your shed or garage, be sure to lock them up.

☛ Remove all other food sources from your property, including bird feeders and squirrel feeders.

☛ If you have a garden, always be sure to install fencing around them to prevent skunks from accessing any crops.

☛ Never take the trash out the night before garbage pickup day. And always secure the trash can lids to prevent animals from smelling food and enticing them to find it.

☛ Eliminate hiding spots for skunks by keeping tall grass and weeds mowed. If they cannot hide, they will not enter the premises at all.

Professional Skunk Removal and Control in Indianapolis

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Call 317-257-2290 for skunk removal and control in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are DNR licensed and insured wildlife rescue contractors that offer a wide range of residential and commercial wild animal removal services at the most affordable prices around. We are happy to provide free estimates, anytime. Just give us a call to get started on a skunk-free spring and summer!

How to Solve a Nuisance Muskrat Problem

For anyone who owns property near a body of water, the term “muskrats” is a familiar one. This is because muskrats are semi-aquatic, wetland-dwelling rodents that live near rivers, streams, ponds, creeks, swamps, and similar bodies of water. So any homes or properties that sit on the water are likely to spot a muskrat or two on occasion. If they are unfortunate, they will experience a nuisance muskrat infestation, in which case, professional assistance would be needed. If you are a property owner experiencing a muskrat issue or infestation, continue reading and learn what your best options are for fast and effective muskrat removal and control.

Muskrat Removal

Learning more about muskrats is the first step to getting rid of an infestation or issue. This is because when you better understand their habits and nature, you can better combat future muskrat problems. So get to know your local Indiana muskrat first, then implement the necessary steps to stop them from trespassing onto your property. Here are a few facts that will help you do just that!

• Muskrats are Semi-Aquatic Rodents
• Muskrats are Omnivores
• They Live in Tunnels and Burrows Dug at the Shore of Ponds or Rivers
• Hunters Trap Muskrats for their Fur
• Their Dens are Destructive to Local Ponds and Dams
• They Smell Musky and Look Like Rats, Hence the Name “Muskrat”
• Muskrats Weigh 2 to 3 Pounds on Average
• Muskrats Lifespan is One to Three Years
• They Breed at Massive Rates in High Amounts!
• They Can Carry Infectious Diseases!

Now that you know a little more about these wetland rodents, you can better prepare yourself for what’s to come. That is, getting rid of them for good! Since they are rodents, like rodents they breed and multiply at alarming rates, so once you have one or two, you can expect the problem to continue to inflate unless something is done. This means some temporary remodeling of your shoreline. In order to remove a muskrat problem, you must remove whatever it is that attracts them to your pond. Typically things like cat tails, water lilies, and other plant life are tasty for muskrats, and they also attract smaller animals that muskrats feed on. By removing these variables, you can stop the presence of muskrats. You can also try traps and repellants, but these methods are tedious, temporary, and inhumane.

The most effective option for Indianapolis muskrat removal is to contact a local wildlife removal service for professional assistance and recommendation. They retain the proper training, tools, and equipment to diagnose a muskrat infestation and provide effective solutions to stop them from returning to your property.

Wildlife Removal Indianapolis

Call 317-257-2290 for fast and effective muskrat removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our highly trained and DNR licensed wildlife rescue and control contractors never use lethal or inhumane methods on animals. And we offer a wide range of additional animal removal services at the most competitive prices in town. Call 317-257-2290 for a free estimate for muskrat removal and control in Indianapolis, IN today.

Snake Removal and Control

Snakes are not the most desirable encounter to have on your property. This is especially true for homes with pets and young children. When we send our beloved family and pets into our backyards, we want to believe they are in a safe environment. Although most Indiana snakes are not poisonous, that doesn’t mean they still can’t be a threat. Snakes can bite, leaving behind burning and bleeding wounds. These are painful, and can also be a means of transferring disease. Snakes can be carriers of many infectious diseases that can harm or injury adults, kids, and other animals. They can also carry germs and bacteria that are equally unhealthy to come into contact with. If you see snakes on your property, it is best to have them removed right away. Snakes can also be a burden on gardens, plants, and can also cause structural damages in some cases.

What to Do if You See a Snake

Contact a professional Indianapolis snake removal service that provides safe and humane wildlife control. They retain the proper tools, training, and equipment necessary to eliminate a snake infestation, and prevent snakes from returning to your property. Be sure to choose a licensed wildlife removal and control company for professional and reliable service.

Professional wildlife contractors typically use safe and humane snake traps, because most snake species are only active at night. Although this doesn’t mean they can’t be tracked during the day. There are some common and predictable snake “hangouts” on residential properties, like underneath gutters and large rocks. The traps are setup for the night, and checked the next day for any snakes.

Repellents are used to protect the borders of the property, to prevent future snake intrusions. These repellants usually consist of cedar oil, clove oil, cinnamon, and even sulfur scents. Snakes do not like these smells, and will choose to venture to another place, rather than your property, for food and shelter.

Snakes are important parts of the Eco-system and help maintain an environmental balance; this reason and more is why they should never be harmed or killed. A professional wildlife removal specialist will securely relocate captured snakes to a safe and faraway habitat.

Wildlife Removal Indianapolis

Call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 for professional and affordable snake removal and control solutions. We are highly trained and DNR licensed wild animal removal contractors with decades of experience removing snakes and more in Indiana. We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties, at the most competitive prices in town. Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional snake removal services to get rid of snakes in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties today!

How to Stop a Nuisance Rabbit Problem

Many agree that rabbits are cute and adorable, and love to watch them hop around and eat all the little dandelions in the backyard; that is, however, until we become aware of the damage they cause! Rabbits are certainly delightful from afar, but once they start destroying our gardens, and damaging our property, we change our minds. If you have a nuisance rabbit problem on your hands, look to a professional for safe and accurate rabbit removal advice. When it comes to do-it-yourself rabbit control, it is most important to always remember to never trap, harm, or kill wild rabbits; instead, contact a local Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control company for safe and legal assistance. To stop a nuisance rabbit problem on your own, there are a few simple and effective solutions to try. Continue reading and learn how to stop rabbits from damaging your property for good.

Rabbit Removal and Control

If you want to stop rabbits from messing up your patios, eating away at your gardens, and chewing through your yard décor, start with some critical thinking. Think about what it is on your property that attracts them in the first place. Is it the abundance of dandelion weeds growing in the backyard? Or is it a colony that lives under your neighbor’s deck? Try to determine when and why these rabbits have all of a sudden become a pest problem for you. Did you recently plant and harvest a delicious garden somewhere on your property? Or do you happen to have ample amounts of hiding spaces for nuisance wildlife to call home? If you cannot answer these questions, never worry; a licensed wildlife specialist can help you anytime. Here are some easy DIY tips to stop pesky yard rabbits from trespassing onto your property:

• Remove Outdoor Gardens and Use Indoor Greenhouses
• Purchase Wire-Fencing or Chicken Wire for Gardens
• Use Weed Killer on Front and Back Lawns
• Implement Routine Lawn Care to Keep Grass Short
• Seal All Holes and Openings in Exterior of Home or Building
• Remove or Seal Off All Sources of Water
• Plant Flora that Deters Rabbits (I.e. ferns, English ivy, forget-me-nots, amaryllus, etc.)
• Plant Rabbit-Repelling Trees (i.e. Oak, Magnolia, Pine, Maple, etc.)
• Install Automatic or Motion-Sensor Sprinklers

For a more serious rabbit problem, call a licensed and experienced wildlife control company that uses safe and humane methods for rabbit removal. They retain the proper equipment, tools, and training to safely get rid of nuisance rabbits. Most rabbit removal technicians provide their services to commercial and residential properties.

Wildlife Removal and Control – Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 for safe and humane rabbit removal and control services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and DNR licensed rabbit removal specialists with decades of experience in the animal control industry. We offer residential and commercial services, free estimates, DIY advice, emergency animal removal services, and much more. Call 317-257-2290 to learn more about rabbit removal in Indianapolis, IN and its nearby counties.

Are Turtles a Pest Problem?

Turtles are wonderful creatures found on every continent in the world, excluding Antarctica of course. There are nearly 300 species of turtle, the majority of which are found in North America. Turtles come in various different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns; making them easily distinguishable simply by their unique characteristics. Some turtles are somewhat difficult to recognize at first glance, so onlookers must review their underbelly (plastron) shields for accurate identification. It is common for residential and commercial property owners to spot a turtle or two nearby; so it is understandable for them to ask whether or not they pose a potential problem in regards to pest control. Continue reading to learn about turtles and their behavioral, ecological, and environmental influences.

More on Turtles

A permanent body of water is a turtle’s favorite habitat. If you have property near an ocean, pond, lake, irrigation canal, creek, river, or any other body of water, you are likely to find turtles nearby if the season is right. Their diets consists of plant life, small aquatic prey, and insects. They are moderately aggressive when it comes to catching their meals. They prefer fish mostly; but are known to chow down on crayfish, water weeds, carrion, and several insects. If your property retains a body of water with organisms such as these, you are going to encounter a turtle or two, eventually.

So the question remains on whether or not turtles are a pest problem, and if they pose a threat to the well-being of a property. The short answer to this is, not likely. As a heads ups, remember that turtles lay their eggs in the early spring. This means their hatchlings will be born in the late summer. You are likely to spot the most turtles in the early fall season. This is when you can determine if you have a larger-than-life turtle population on your hands, or just a few friendly creatures making good use of your pond.

In all cases, turtles are not known to cause trouble to residential or commercial landscapes. In fact, they are relatively beneficial to our surrounding ecosystem and environment. They kill diseased or weakened fish, and cleanup all animal decay and waste matter. This means they are keeping ponds clean for us! The only economic problem with turtles are their populations in Southern rice fields. Their seedling consumption greatly reduces the crop yield every season. Other than that, turtles are safe to have on our properties! Just try to avoid touching or trapping them; they can carry diseases, bacteria, and even bite. Also keep in mind that a license is required to legally trap, fish, or sell turtles. It is highly discourages to ever kill or torture turtles as well!

Wildlife Removal Indianapolis

Call Wildlife Animal Removal at 317-257-2290 for professional animal control services in Indianapolis, Indiana or its nearby counties. We are highly trained and DNR licensed wildlife removal specialists with decades of experience in the animal control industry. We provide a wide-range of animal control and removal services, including restorations and cleanups, for all species of wildlife in Indiana. We offer free estimates, DIY advice, free information, and are insurance compatible! Call 317-257-2290 for fast and secure wildlife removal in Indianapolis, IN today.