How to Stop a Nuisance Rabbit Problem

Many agree that rabbits are cute and adorable, and love to watch them hop around and eat all the little dandelions in the backyard; that is, however, until we become aware of the damage they cause! Rabbits are certainly delightful from afar, but once they start destroying our gardens, and damaging our property, we change our minds. If you have a nuisance rabbit problem on your hands, look to a professional for safe and accurate rabbit removal advice. When it comes to do-it-yourself rabbit control, it is most important to always remember to never trap, harm, or kill wild rabbits; instead, contact a local Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control company for safe and legal assistance. To stop a nuisance rabbit problem on your own, there are a few simple and effective solutions to try. Continue reading and learn how to stop rabbits from damaging your property for good.

Rabbit Removal and Control

If you want to stop rabbits from messing up your patios, eating away at your gardens, and chewing through your yard décor, start with some critical thinking. Think about what it is on your property that attracts them in the first place. Is it the abundance of dandelion weeds growing in the backyard? Or is it a colony that lives under your neighbor’s deck? Try to determine when and why these rabbits have all of a sudden become a pest problem for you. Did you recently plant and harvest a delicious garden somewhere on your property? Or do you happen to have ample amounts of hiding spaces for nuisance wildlife to call home? If you cannot answer these questions, never worry; a licensed wildlife specialist can help you anytime. Here are some easy DIY tips to stop pesky yard rabbits from trespassing onto your property:

• Remove Outdoor Gardens and Use Indoor Greenhouses
• Purchase Wire-Fencing or Chicken Wire for Gardens
• Use Weed Killer on Front and Back Lawns
• Implement Routine Lawn Care to Keep Grass Short
• Seal All Holes and Openings in Exterior of Home or Building
• Remove or Seal Off All Sources of Water
• Plant Flora that Deters Rabbits (I.e. ferns, English ivy, forget-me-nots, amaryllus, etc.)
• Plant Rabbit-Repelling Trees (i.e. Oak, Magnolia, Pine, Maple, etc.)
• Install Automatic or Motion-Sensor Sprinklers

For a more serious rabbit problem, call a licensed and experienced wildlife control company that uses safe and humane methods for rabbit removal. They retain the proper equipment, tools, and training to safely get rid of nuisance rabbits. Most rabbit removal technicians provide their services to commercial and residential properties.

Wildlife Removal and Control – Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 for safe and humane rabbit removal and control services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and DNR licensed rabbit removal specialists with decades of experience in the animal control industry. We offer residential and commercial services, free estimates, DIY advice, emergency animal removal services, and much more. Call 317-257-2290 to learn more about rabbit removal in Indianapolis, IN and its nearby counties.