How to Get Rid of a Dead Animal in Your Yard

If you live near wooded or forested areas, or a year-round body of water, it is very likely that you have a certain degree of wildlife activity on or around your property. In this case, it is also very likely that at some point in time, you may come across a dead animal. If this ever happens, the proper course of action will depend on the particular circumstances and various other factors.

Continue reading to learn what you should do if you find a dead animal on your property.

Dead Animal Removal in Indianapolis 317-257-2290
Dead Animal Removal in Indianapolis 317-257-2290

Dead Animal Removal Tips

The most important thing you need to know about finding a dead animal is that you should never, under any circumstances, attempt to touch or tamper with the carcass. All wild animals are possible carriers of several infectious diseases, illnesses, bacteria, and parasites, all of which can be transmitted to both people and pets. Some illnesses are fatal, such as the Rabies virus.

If you find a dead animal on or around your property, here is what you need to do:

The first step to take is to secure young children and pets away from the area. If the animal is outdoors, move all children and pets indoors, and be sure the area with the animal is not accessible to the public.

If the sight is offensive to anyone, cover the carcass with a large towel, sheet, or tarp, being very careful not to come close or touch it at all. Be sure to toss this cover into the trash after the carcass has been collected.

Next, you need to assess the situation. Do this by first identifying the species. If you have a wild animal, like a raccoon or bat, you would need to take a different route than if you had a dead cat, dog, goose, or duck.

If you have a deceased cat, dog, or waterfowl species on your property, you will need to contact your local animal control company. You can find this contact information online at your county’s official webpage, or by calling the local police station for a direct referral.

If you have a deceased wild animal on your property, you would need to contact a local and licensed Indianapolis Wildlife Control Company for prompt dead animal removal services. Many companies even offer 24 hour emergency service, or may be able to offer same-day or next-day assistance.

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control

Call 317-257-2290 for wildlife removal and control in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are DNR licensed and trained animal removal specialist with more than three decades of experience in the animal control and removal industry. We offer a wide range of services including animal proofing and animal prevention. Call our office today at 317-257-2290 for Indianapolis wildlife removal you can trust.

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What You Need to Know Before Feeding Wild Animals

If you are someone who has great appreciation and admiration for wildlife, you might be compelled to feed them. Feeding ducks and geese your leftover bread loaves is one thing, but feeding the rest of the local animal population can lead to a load of problems. Continue reading to learn the do’s and don’ts of feeding wild animals around your house.

24 Hour Wildlife Control 317-257-2290
24 Hour Wildlife Control 317-257-2290

Wild Animals Will Always Be Wild

Although you find the wildlife around you cute and cuddly, they are nothing of the sort. When feeding wildlife, whether at the state park or your own backyard, never get too close nor trust them. Wild animals take thousands of years to domesticate, which is why dogs and cats are most loyal pets. If you think a squirrel will love you because you feed it, think again! Wild animals are unpredictable. So before you start feeding them, be sure you think it through.

You are Giving Them an Invitation

Furthermore, when you feed wild animals on your own property, you are fully inviting them onto your property. Now, you might think they will come for the food and then leave, but not all species of animal will do this. In fact, there are several species of wildlife that are smart, and will remember your home as a source of food. Rather than coming and going, they can choose to simply make your home their own.

Wild animals, like raccoons, opossum, birds, and squirrels can enter into houses and cause a long list of damages. Not only will they soil everything with their droppings and urine, they will tear everything to pieces, stain floors and ceilings, rip attic insulation, chew electrical wiring, and more. This can eventually happen if animals remember your home as a reliable and consistent source of food.

When it comes to feeding wildlife….

❌ DON’T:

❌ Use human food to feed wildlife.
❌ Use containers with narrow tops or openings that may suffocate animals.
❌ Attempt to touch, harm, trap, kill, or domesticate a wild animal.
❌ Do not attempt to hand-feed animals.
❌ Leave garbage cans open and available, overnight.

✅ DO:

✅ Use animal-specific feeders, such as bird feeders and squirrel feeders.
✅ Place feeders far away from your house and other houses and structures.
✅ Feed less during winter seasons so animals know to hibernate somewhere else.
✅ Contact a wildlife control company if animals become aggressive or annoying.

Indianapolis Wildlife Control Services

Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional Indianapolis wildlife control, anytime. We are DNR licensed wildlife control specialists who offer a wide range of residential and commercial wildlife removal and abatement services, including 24 hour emergency service, minor attic restorations, cleanup, free estimates, and more. Request a free estimate, today.

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How to Get Rid of Nuisance Snakes

Does the thought of seeing a snake slither through your garden or lawn give you the chills? Well if so, then you certainly would be alarmed if you found one looming in your home somewhere! Unfortunately, nuisance snake problems like these are more common in summer, as local snake populations are looking for dark, damp, cool places to hang out. Finding snakes all around the house, inside and out, is a frequent complaint among property owners this time of year. If you have already spotted a snake or two in your lawn, it is wise to take the necessary precautions to ensure it doesn’t become a problem.

Continue reading to learn some easy methods for protecting your property against nuisance snake threats and damages.

Snake Removal Control
Snake Removal Control 317-257-2290

Nuisance Snakes

Snakes in Indiana are not typically poisonous, so that is not something you need to worry too much about when it comes to spotting snakes on your property. In fact, there are only four species of snake that are poisonous in our state, which are Massasauga Rattlesnakes, Timber Rattlesnakes, Water Moccasins (also called Eastern Cottonmouths), and Northern Copperheads, See our article, “The Only 4 Poisonous Snake Species in Indiana” to learn more about each species. The most common species of nuisance snakes around Indiana are Corn snakes and Garter snakes, both of which are non-poisonous.

Although the majority of snakes you see around your neighborhood are non-poisonous, they are still a threat in many ways, which means you do not want them hanging around. For starters, snakes are smelly, and can produce lingering odors around your backyard, patio, porch, tree house, jungle gyms, and garage; these are some common areas they like to hide. Other common areas for snakes to hide include log and lumber piles, compost piles, mulch beds, gardens, unfinished basements, shrubs alongside foundations, attics, stream banks, long grass, under downspouts, beneath large rocks, and more.

Additionally, snakes can carry diseases, which can be transmitted to both people and pets. Last, if snakes are on your property, there is potential for them to make their way inside your home and cause a long list of unpleasant destruction. They can also lay eggs, which hatch quickly, so one snake can turn into many in a matter of weeks.

Snake Removal and Control Tips:

🐍 Kitty Litter – Sprinkle cat litter around your property where you know snakes are active. They do not like the course, dry material because it bothers their scales. So snakes will avoid kitty litter at all costs.

🐍 Homemade Repellent – You can make a safe, non-toxic snake repellant solution by combing rotten eggs, cayenne pepper, and water. However, these are pungent, so you may want an OTC product instead. Just be sure it is non-toxic.

🐍 Fencing – You can add chicken wire or fencing around gardens and snake hot spots, but this method is usually not successful all on its own. Combine fencing with repellant and other methods of snake control for best results.

🐍 Environmental Changes – You can remove the attractions that snakes are after, such as the areas mentioned before where snakes like to hide. Of course, you can’t get rid of everything, so incorporate other methods for effective results.

Professional Snake Removal and Control Services

Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional Indianapolis snake removal and control you can trust. We are DNR licensed and insured wildlife abatement specialists who offer a wide range of non-lethal snake abatement services for residential and commercial properties. We also offer 24 hour emergency service, minor attic restorations, cleanup, free estimates, free advice, and much more. Request a free estimate, today.

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Is Your Home Infested With Raccoons?

Learn how to identify a raccoon infestation or nuisance problem in and around your property. Whether commercial or residential, raccoons can cause an extreme disturbance. Be sure to act fast if nuisance raccoons are an issue for you. Continue reading for tips on identifying signs of raccoon infestation and activity, as well as, what to do if you have raccoons in the attic or other area.

Raccoon Removal Control Louisville Kentucky
Indianapolis Raccoon Removal and Control 317-257-2290

Nuisance Raccoon Interference

Wild raccoons can pose a number of threats to your property, inside and out. Thousands of homeowners all across the nation have dealt with the costly repairs and repercussions of a raccoon infestation or wild animal damages. It is important to know how to identify the presence of raccoons before they cause damage to your property.

Restrict their opportunity to destroy your gardens, home structure, foundations, crawl spaces, attics, garages, tool sheds, rooftops, and more. Get your confidence back as a home or property owner, and learn to recognize a raccoon colony or potential infestation before these areas and assets are damaged. 

Common Raccoon Damages

Raccoons like to hide and seek shelter in warm dark areas; such as the ones mentioned above: attics, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, swimming pool covers, roof tops, gutters, shingles, under porches, beneath decks, patios, hollow trees, and more. They are intelligent creatures that can remember locations with good food and shelter sources. If your property provides this type of sough-out solace, you may be unintentionally inviting wild raccoons inside.

Here are the clues to look for that indicate raccoons are nearby or trespassing onto your property:

✅ Strong Urine Odors
✅ Pillaged Garbage Cans
✅ Missing Pet Food
✅ Torn Roof Shingles
✅ Pried Wood Beams
✅ Raccoon Droppings
✅ Strange Noises at Night
✅ Ripped or Soiled Attic Insulation

Preventing Raccoon Activity

There are several more signs that tell you raccoons are nearby. The best way to handle this situation is to remove the things that keep them interested. For example, do not leave pet dishes outside. Pet food is the ultimate treat for raccoons. It’s tasty and very nutritious.

Also, do not take your garbage cans outside the night before trash day. Raccoons are nocturnal and use the nighttime to seek out food sources; like garbage and pet food. Squirrel feeders, bird feeders, and bird baths are also very attractive novelties for raccoons. Remove these items and they may stop coming by every night.

These are a few DIY approaches to raccoon-proofing and prevention, but it requires the skill and equipment of a licensed animal control specialist to accurately control a raccoon infestation. Trust them to provide accurate and efficient diagnostics to determine what attracts raccoons to your property, and how to implement certain professional strategies to thwart their return.

If you have raccoons in the attic, or other area of your home, a licensed professional is your only hope. They retain the proper equipment, experience, licensing, and training to safely and humanely remove raccoons and provide minor restorations and repairs.

Raccoon Removal and Control in Indianapolis

Call 317-257-2290 for prompt and professional Indianapolis raccoon removal and control, anytime. We are DNR licensed wildlife control contractor who offer a wide range of residential and commercial wildlife removal services, including 24 hour emergency service, minor attic restorations, cleanup, free estimates, and more. Call 317-257-2290 to request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290

Where to Get Emergency Wildlife Control in Indianapolis

Wild animals are wild, so it is no surprise that they turn up to be a nuisance in residential and metropolitan settings. In some cases, wild animals can pose certain hazards, especially animals that are known for aggression or infectious disease. So if you have nuisance wildlife problems, the best course of action is to enlist the services of a DNR licensed and insured wildlife abatement company that can deliver prompt and workable solutions at a price you can afford.

So where can you get emergency wildlife control in Indianapolis? The answer is US!

Wildlife Removal and Control Indianapolis Indiana
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Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control

Contact our expert wildlife rescue and control specialists at 317-257-2290 for 24 hour emergency wildlife abatement services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Not only are we DNR licensed and insured professionals with more than 3 decades of experience in the industry, we strictly operate in accordance to all local and national laws governing wildlife trapping, which means all of our methods are non-lethal, safe, and humane.

We are fully-equipped and prepared to undertake any animal removal job, large or small, and remain dedicated to safe and humane wildlife control. When you need prompt and professional animal removal services in Indianapolis, trust our licensed and insured wildlife rescue contractors for efficient and affordable solutions for both residential and commercial clientele.

Economy-Based Prices

In terms of affordability, you can trust us for honest quotes and workmanship, and economy-based pricing. After all, our ultimate goal as a company is to provide affordable and effective solutions for property owners dealing with wild animal infestations and damages.

As a locally-owned and operated business, we understand the true value of a dollar, which is why we are committed to maintaining fair and honest rates that everyone can afford. Furthermore, we work alongside several insurance carriers to perform homeowner’s insurance work.

More Reasons to Choose Us:

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How to Get in Touch

Getting in touch with our Indianapolis wildlife removal representatives is simple. Just call our main office at 317-257-2290 and request a free quote or information pertaining to your animal issue. You can expect a prompt answer, a warm greeting, and real advice, on every call. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!

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How to Keep Stray Animals Off Your Property

Although does not provide animal removal and control services for cats or dogs, we are happy to provide you with some helpful tips for keeping strays off of your lawn and away from your property. Continue reading to get started!

Wildlife Removal Services 317-257-2290
Wildlife Removal Services 317-257-2290 *We Do Not Remove Cats, Dogs, Injured, or Orphaned Animals

Stray Dogs 🐕

Whether a feral pup or just the neighbor’s obnoxious pet, keeping unwanted dogs off your property entails a little preventive maintenance. Dogs, like most other animals in nature, are attracted to sources of food, water, and shelter. If your backyard offers such conditions or elements, it is an open invite to anything that walks on all fours. If you do not want to install a fence around the perimeter of your property, you must find some effective alternatives, starting with these recommended environmental modifications:

Recommended Environmental Changes:

➥ Remove all outdoor pet food;

➥ Remove water sources, like pet bowls, bird baths, and buckets;

➥ Take trashcans outside on the morning of collection;

➥ Install fencing around gardens;

➥ Put locks on sheds, outdoor cabinets, and storage containers;

➥ Install motion-censored lights or sprinklers;

➥ Keep a talk radio on outside, overnight;

➥ Spray a non-toxic animal repellent around the perimeter of your yard;

Stray Cats 🐈

Not only does the Feral Cat Association estimate that more than 60 million stray cats exist in the country, the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts an additional 5 million domesticated cats are abandoned every single year. So a car that is bothering your yard might be feral, or it might just be the neighbor’s. Either way, there are some effective methods for safely and humanely keeping them away. The strategies recommended for dogs can all be applied to cats as well. However, there are a few additional things you can do for cats specifically.

Recommended Environmental Changes:

➥ Plant herbs that cats do not like, such as lavender, rue, geranium, absinthe, and rosemary;

➥ Sprinkle tea leaves and/or raw onion around your gardens;

➥ Lay stones over the soil of garden beds to prevent access to digging;

➥ Plant catnip in a faraway point on the perimeter of your property;

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal 317-257-2290

If wild animals like bats and raccoons are your problem, we have your solution! Call 317-257-2290 for safe and humane wildlife removal and control in Indianapolis and its surrounding regions. We are DNR licensed and insured animal control professionals with decades of experience in the wildlife removal industry. We use only safe and humane methods to extract wild animals and keep them from coming back. Request a free estimate, today!

How to Keep Skunks Away

Skunks are fascinating animals; however, their means of defense can sometimes be undesirable to home and property owners. If you experience problems with skunks last spring, and you are wondering how to approach the issue this year, this is the blog for you. We know that if we smell that signature skunk odor, there may be skunks. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent skunks from trespassing onto your property. All you have to do is make your yard less attractive to wild animals, especially skunks.

Skunk Removal and Prevention

Interestingly enough, residential front porches and patios are the most common areas where skunks are found. No one really knows why, but this is their favorite spot. So the first thing you want to do if you suspect there’s a skunk on your property, to check this area. If this sounds like an uncomfortable task for you, simply contact a local skunk removal service, or wildlife control company, for professional assistance. You, or the professional skunk removal technician, should quickly feel up any access points to these areas.

The important part of this job is to be sure that the skunks are not still underneath the porch or patio. A professional animal control technician will use his skills and knowledge to extract skunks from these areas, or others, and then facilitate proper sealing procedures to prevent future access. This is an important part of skunk removal and prevention because, believe it or not, skunks can fit into extremely small crevices and cracks. It’s highly recommended to outsource a professional wildlife removal and control company for skunk removal because they have all the proper tools to safely implement these needs. Here are a few tips to prevent skunks from sniffing out your property this spring and summer:

• Removed Outdoor Pet Food and Dishes
• Seal or Remove Outdoor Garbage or Trash Cans
• Apply Store-Bought Skunk Repellent to the Parameters of the Front and Backyard
• Make Homemade Skunk Repellent Solution and Apply to Yard
• Mow or Trim Large-cap weeds or Grass Where Wildlife Likes to Hide
• Seal All Access Points on Property
• Hire a Wildlife Removal Company to Animal-Proof

Skunk Animal Removal

Call Wildlife Animal Removal at 317-257-2290 and speak with the professional skunk removal technician in Indianapolis, Indiana today. We are highly trained and DNR licensed wildlife control technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We only use safe and humane methods to remove, extract, or prevent wild animals from trespassing onto commercial and residential properties. In addition, we provide several other animal removal services for all types of wildlife. We also offer free estimates, emergency services, repairs and cleanups, residential services, commercial services, and we are compatible with most homeowners’ insurance policies. Contact Wildlife Animal Removal at 317-257-2290 for more information about skunk removal services and prevention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels can be a nuisance to property owners; especially homes that are located near wooded areas. If you are experiencing a squirrel problem, it may be time to consider your options. The faster you take action, the less damage and mess is likely to occur. You see, squirrels can cause structural damages, steal bird feed, and create a mess in the residential and even commercial areas. Cleaning up after and repairing damages caused by squirrels is frustrating and tedious. So how do you avoid running into a squirrel problem on your property? The answer is simple! Continue reading to learn a few tips and advices about how to get rid of squirrels in your lawn or garden.

Stop Nuisance Squirrels

Not only can squirrels destroy landscaping and gardens, they can also chew through wiring, find their way into attics, tear through insulation, and much more. It is crucial to stop squirrels before an infestation gets out of control. Here are some tips to getting rid of squirrels in or around your residential or commercial property:

• Replace Old Bird Feeders with Squirrel-Proof Feeders

• Trim Long Tree Branches or Limbs that Hang Near a Roof

• Install Strobe Lights or Bright Flashers in Attics and Roofs

• Squirrel-Proof the Property in the Daytime when Squirrels are Out Foraging Food (i.e. close up holes in roofs, drywall, ceilings, garages, and more)

• Purchase and Administer Squirrel Repellant Solutions and Products

• Call a Licensed Wildlife Control Company for Advice or Assistance

Squirrel Removal and Control in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you are experiencing a squirrel infestation problem in Indianapolis, Indiana, call our professionals at 317-257-2290 today. We are DNR licensed and insured wildlife control technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the animal control industry. We use safe and humane methods of effective squirrel removal and control at the most affordable rates in town. Visit our website at for details about our services and company background. Reliable squirrel removal services in Indianapolis, IN are just a phone call away; just dial 317-257-2290 and be on your way to a squirrel-free zone in no time.

How to Get Rid of Pesky Yard Moles

Animal Mole Removal Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-2290

Animal Mole Removal Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-2290

Unfortunately, moles have the potential and reputation to be very destructive little critters; causing a substantial amount of yard and garden damage on residential and commercial properties. They are very active and can work all day if they so choose. In just one night, a mole can dig up to three hundred feet underground! That is a lot of damage for just one mole. They can also double, triple, and quadruple their colony size in just a few weeks.

This is why it is important to get rid of moles as soon as you are aware of an infestation problem. Continue reading to learn about how to safely and humanely get rid of moles in residential or commercial lawns and gardens.

Humane Mole Removal

Mole removal is not advised as a DIY job, and requires the assistance of a professional animal control company. This is because they retain the industry training and knowledge; as well as, tools, equipment, and permits to capture or remove any animal infestation issue. Once a reputable company is contacted, the following is most likely to occur:

Assessment of Current Mole Damage
Locating Mole Tunnels
Determining Active and Non-Active Tunnels
Setting Bait Traps
Trapping Moles
Removing and Relocating Wild Moles
Repair and Restoration
Lawn Care Referrals
Moles Prevention

There is never a reason to trap and kill moles or any other animal considered to be a pest. In some states, it is illegal to kill these types of animals.

Indianapolis Animal Mole Removal 317-257-2290

Indianapolis Animal Mole Removal 317-257-2290

In other jurisdictions, one must carry a licensed or permit to shoot and hunt small animals. Trust a reputable wildlife removal company that specializes in safe and humane animal control to protect and preserve Nature’s wildlife.

For more information about animal mole removal in Indiana, call Wildlife Removal Indianapolis at 317-257-2290 today! Our highly trained and qualified animal control technicians are DNT licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience trapping and removing wild animals in Indiana. Visit our website at for details about our services and company background. Call 317-257-229 for information about animal mole removal and more in Indianapolis, IN and any of its surrounding cities, counties, and neighborhoods.

Types of Property Damages Caused By Wild Animals

Wildlife Removal and Control Indianapolis 317-257-2290

Wildlife Removal and Control Indianapolis 317-257-2290

There are various types of wild animals capable of damaging our homes, lawns, gardens, and more; however, in residential areas, there is a more specific group to watch out for, especially in Indiana. Animals such as pigeons, moles, rabbits, raccoons, bats, and snakes are popular deviants that trespass onto our properties and leave behind costly messes. Continue reading to learn about each species and the damages they are known to inflict on residential properties in Indianapolis, IN.


Raccoons are among the most intelligent North American mammals found in forested and wooded residential areas. They are very clever and can use their highly dexterous paws to open doors, dig through trash, climb rooftops, and more. Raccoons are nocturnal as well; meaning they rest during the day and stay active at night. They feed on anything, from small invertebrates and insects, to outdoor dog food! They are known to gain access into homes and tear up attic and crawl spaces. They use these areas during the cold seasons for protection against the weather and to breed their young. This can create a very expensive mess to clean up and restore. Raccoons can saturate and contaminate dry wall and wood beams with urine and droppings. These droppings also contain harmful agents that can cause disease and illness in humans and pets. They can also chew through electrical wiring, rip off roof shingles, and much more. Raccoons are a problem that should be dealt with immediately to avoid costly repairs and renovations.


Bats are just the same as raccoons. They are nocturnal and do all their dirty work while we are fast asleep. They are so tiny that they can find access inside our homes through the smallest of crevices. Roof shingles can be slipped in to, as well as, cracked windows, loose siding, garages, and storage sheds. They seek out shelter for breeding, mating, and feeding purposes. Bats are significant and useful mammals to have around in the summer because they can consume around 100 insects in one hour. This is great bug control! On the other hand, we do not want them damaging our homes. This is another example of a problem that has to be handled immediately before more and more damage accrues.


Pigeons are simply messy. They commonly flock in large numbers; and when they choose to use your rooftop as a resting point, let’s just say they can paint the roof a matte white once they’re through. Pigeon clean up services are readily available, so there is no need to fret about the mess. Also, there really is no way to refrain pigeons from using your house as a toilet. Try to reduce any elements that may be attracting birds to your property, or call a professional wildlife removal expert for advice.


Snakes can become a threat to small children or pets on your property. If you are spotting snakes frequently, it may be time to take some action. Snakes can also negatively affect gardens, flower patches, and landscaping; so it is recommended to get rid of them fast. There are various snake repellants on the market that seem to work quite well. If you are not a do-it-yourself kind of person, a professional wildlife removal tech is happy to oblige.

Moles, Squirrels, Rabbits, and Chipmunks

Moles, rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels are all small and furry; but they can leave a bad impression on lawn and garden lovers. These small critters like to burrow, dig, eat, and steal in gardens and lawns. Flowers, mulch patches, fruits, vegetables, and fresh lain sod are all at risk if these animals are frequent visitors to your lawn. Again, trust a professional that retains the proper equipment and knowledge to capture and release these animals so that they are no longer a bother to you.

For more information about wildlife control and removal in Indianapolis, call 317-257-2290 today. We are licensed and qualified wild animal control specialists with over 30 years of experience in the animal control industry. We work with raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, bats, moles, chipmunks, snakes, skunks, and much more! Visit our website at for details about our services and how we can help. Dependable and affordable wildlife removal and control services in Indianapolis, IN are just a phone call away!