How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Lawn or Garden

Indianapolis Snake Removal 317-257-2290

Indianapolis Snake Removal 317-257-2290

Wild animal encounters can be frightening, especially when it involves snakes. Snakes are considered a threat because we know they can lunge, snap, and bite us if we come too close. Also, some snakes are poisonous, while others are not; a gamble no one likes to take. These are reasons why it is important to remove snakes from your property, especially if you have pets or children. If you are experiencing frequent snake spotting, then take some advice on how to get rid of them quick, without harming them, yourself, or your wallet!

Snake Repellants

One way to get rid of snakes is to thwart their interest in your property altogether. On the market today, there are products and repellants you can purchase to reduce visiting snakes on your lawn. These products are often found in powders, sprays, and oils. They contain smells and scents that snakes simply do not like. For example, these repellants contains ingredients such as cedar oil, sulfur, clove oil, and even cinnamon! Repellants are known to work really well and can be easily purchased online, or at your local home or gardening store.

Snake Traps

Snake traps are a bit more tedious, but still very effective. They are perfect for catching snakes during the daytime and the night. They can be set near gardens and other areas of high interest for snakes. The traps are like cages; they allow snakes to enter, but do not allow them to exit. This is a safe and humane way to trap and get rid of snakes. Once you have some snakes trapped, simply take them into the country, woods, forest, or other faraway places that are safe and suitable environments for snakes, and release them.

Animal Control

If you are terrified of snakes, as many people are, or you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with the situation, call a local snake removal company. An expert wildlife control technician retains the proper equipment and industry knowledge to remove snakes safely and humanely. They are trained specialists that can facilitate these jobs pretty quick. Look below for information about a local Indianapolis wildlife removal company that can give you advice or service for effective snake removal.

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